With systemic coaching for
balance in business / balance in the private sector
for individuals and teams

Target-oriented measures for business customers are, in addition to individual coaching, especially all team trainings, which I operate in the areas of conflict management, communication, occupational health management and stress management.

In addition to the teaching of theoretical foundations, which are usually done through doctrinal conversations, mainly case studies, role-plays, self-reflection, feedback methods and group work are used.

For individual measures, the following methods are used as required:

Solution-oriented Coaching
This approach to coaching focuses on your current situation as opposed to root cause analysis. In the coaching process, with my support, you will find your own solution, with a focus on the positive and your future.

Are you looking for more meaning in your life – for example, do you want to realize another part of your life vision? Fulfillment coaching is applied when you bring things back to the center of your life, that are personally important and fulfilling for you.

Are you unable to cope with an upcoming decision and do you feel that too much is on your shoulders? In balance coaching, we address this overwhelming situation based on your personal framework of values. In doing so, I will support you.

Are you currently in a difficult life situation and facing challenging tasks? So I stand by you as a coach and accompany you with empathy and understanding, combined with the goal to initiate a development process on a personal level.

Client-centered psychotherapy

Elements from psychodramatic

Methods of schema-focused integrative psychotherapy

Elements from imagination and hypnotherapy

Talk therapy according to Rogers

Elements from behavioural therapy

Self-competence training

Elements from the body-centered psychotherapy Hakomi

Health Management / Relaxation Methods

Perceptual training

Mindfulness training

Meditation exercises

Resilience training

Stress management training

Burnout prevention

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

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Renate Sterflinger
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Training, Beratung und Coaching
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Renate Sterflinger
Training, Beratung und Coaching
Kolpingstrasse 2
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